About After school care De Quickers

After school care de Quickers is located in the clubhouse of VV Quick Boys and has a unique location in the dunes of Katwijk.

Outside, children can have fun in the playground and, under supervision, on the sports fields, in the dunes and on the nearby beach. Inside is a sunny area where the children can enjoy sports.

Children from the schools listed below are generally placed at this After School Care :

  • Christelijke Opleidingsschool
  • Farèlschool
  • Oranjeschool

Children from Het Noorderlicht, location the Gaspard de Colignyschool and Het Noorderlicht, location Ds. R.P.A. Rutgersschool and the Groen van Prinstererschool can use our other location in Katwijk aan Zee: After school care De Zonnewijzer.

For questions, please contact the Customer Service Department.

Other information


After school care de Quickers
VV Quick Boys
Laan van Nieuw Zuid 25
2225 SE Katwijk

LRK number: 113984856

Location contact information

Tel: 06-44386033
E: quickers@kokkinderopvang.nl


Cluster Managers

Cluster manager: Soraya de Jong
E: soraya@kokkinderopvang.nl
Deputy cluster manager: Daphne de Vreugd
E: daphne@kokkinderopvang.nl