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The pedagogical staff

A number of permanent qualified pedagogical staff members work in all groups on a daily basis, depending on the size of the group. In case of illness or leave of one of the permanent pedagogical staff members, a permanent substitute staff member is deployed. Our pedagogical staff members meet all legal requirements regarding working with children. This means that they have at least a relevant diploma at MBO3 level. Since 2016, they all hold a diploma in Dutch at 3F level. Because we attach great value to the quality of our care, our pedagogical staff members are also continuously trained in the field of pedagogy and safety. For example, they are all in possession of a children's First Aid diploma and there is always a certified in-house emergency response worker present at each location.

Since we work with pre-school education work, our childcare and Pre-school staff are certified in Peuterpraat. Some of our staff are also certified for the reading promotion program BoekStart, in which we participate in cooperation with the Katwijk Library. Through BoekStart we want to stimulate reading and reading aloud in a fun way. Together with their colleagues, the certified employees ensure that reading aloud becomes a fixed part of the daily routine of the children and that there is a nice BoekStart reading corner at the various locations.

Our team


Our main office is located in Kindercentrum de Bomschuit in Katwijk. On the first floor you will find our Customer Service, where you can go for all your questions regarding your child's care. On the second floor you will find the offices of the management, the managers and the departments of Finance, Marketing and Communication, Quality and Care, Placement and Planning, Facility Management and Human Resources Management.

Internal supervisors VE and care coordinator

Our VE internal supervisors (Pre-school education) and care coordinator supervise children with a VE indication or children who otherwise need extra care. You can read more about this on the VE and care page.


Directing pedagogical staff

Our locations are divided into four clusters, which are managed by a cluster manager and a deputy cluster manager. The (deputy) cluster manager acts as the point of contact for the location, both for staff and parents. If you have a question or comment about your child's group, you can discuss it with the pedagogical staff. If necessary, you will be referred to the (deputy) cluster manager or you can make an appointment with her yourself.

Pedagogical coaches

Our pedagogical staff are guided in their daily work by a pedagogical coach. They coach on various topics such as child development, creativity and giving feedback. They thus form de schakel between policy and practice. The coach supports the individual pedagogical staff members and the teams at the locations in carrying out their work. She also ensures that our pedagogical vision is propagated. Every quarter the pedagogical coach visits all her locations and pedagogical employees. In addition, the pedagogical coach supports the quality manager in creating and writing policy documents.

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We are always looking for enthusiastic employees for our groups and for the main office.

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Governance and supervision

The form of governance at Childcare Katwijk Foundation is set out in the bylaws and consists of a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Board. They follow the Childcare Governance Code. This Governance Code, which was specially developed for childcare, serves as a guideline for honest and transparent management and supervision and aims to further professionalize the administrative function. The director is also the director of the foundation. The director-director submits important intentions and decisions to the Supervisory Board for prior approval.

Recognized learning company

Childcare Katwijk is a recognized training company for trainees. Every year we train between 10 and 20 trainees to become fully-fledged pedagogical employees. These can be students from different training programs, such as Pedagogical Worker 3 and 4, Social Pedagogical Assistance or Sports and Movement Leader. The trainees are supervised in the group by a work supervisor. These are experienced and specially trained pedagogical staff members. The work supervisors are supported in their tasks by our practice trainer. She is responsible for the total learning process of participants in the professional practice formation (BPV) of the courses PW3 and PW4.

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