Flexible care


For your child, it is important that childcare is a familiar environment so that he or she feels comfortable and safe. From this pedagogical point of view, we maintain a minimum number of hours. Should your child have difficulties with care in varying times and/or days, we will discuss this with you. In the interest of the child, the care can then be adjusted. Below are the conditions that apply to Flexible care.

  1. Purchase of Flexible care is possible when you need weekly changing days. If after 3 months it appears that you purchase the same days and times weekly, we will convert the care to regular care.
  2. You can make the request yourself through your child's parent portal.
  3. Loose hours cannot be purchased. It is always a minimum of 4 consecutive hours at childcare.
  4. You can submit your request up to two weeks before the start of the first day of care.
  5. The pedagogical staff members will assess whether your request fits within the possibilities of the group and within the laws and regulations regarding available space and BKR. If this is not possible, they will discuss an alternative with you.
  6. You can cancel your request for Flexible care through the parent portal up to one week before the first day of care.
  7. Exchanges of flex days are not possible. Flex days can be canceled and reapply within the set conditions.
  8. If a flex day is not cancelled in a timely manner, that day will still be billed.
  9. Based on the application and your requirements, we will look at the possibilities.
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