What we stand for

Our vision

Our ambition is to thoughtfully be an inspiration to our environment by investing in the future of children.

Our core values are:

  • open and engaged
  • develop and change
  • collaborative and creative
  • energetic and driven

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our mission 'care for each other' says a lot about the organization we want to be. We are a socially involved organization in the municipality of Katwijk and surroundings by offering professional and quality child care. In this, we make an important contribution to society for:

  • parents, by being able to participate in employment and/or study.
  • children, by offering Pre-school education and through cooperation with, for example, the Center for Youth and Family (CJG), the library, the municipality, sports clubs and welfare organizations.
  • employees, whom we offer training and employment within the municipality of Katwijk and Noordwijk.

Furthermore, we promote the health of children and staff by:

  • providing education to employees regarding vitality and contributing to a gym membership or sports accessories.
  • getting children to exercise a lot, organizing indoor and outdoor activities, collaborating with sports associations, our partnership with soccer clubs, offering healthy food and encouraging water drinking.

Branch Association for Social Child Care (BMK).

Foundation Childcare Katwijk is a social childcare organization and, from that perspective, a member of the Branch Association for Social Child Care (Branchevereniging Maatschappelijke Kinderopvang). We explicitly choose to run our business in such a way that profits are reinvested in the organization. With the profits we can ensure sustainable quality and enable innovation.

Social childcare organizations want to offer childcare to all children, even in those neighborhoods where it is not profitable but children do need it. This fits with our sense of responsibility as a social player in the municipality of Katwijk.


The environment and charities

The environment and charities also have our attention:

  • We separate waste and reduce our waste as much as possible.
  • We use energy-efficient lighting.
  • Through Greenchoice, we use green energy.
  • We try to share our spaces with others as much as possible.
  • We collect empty cartridges and cell phones, encouraging various collection events.
  • We support Kika by participating in the annual "Chicken Run" and encourage intermediate actions.
  • We support local initiatives and partner with Jongeren op Gezond Gewicht (JOGG) Katwijk.
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