Clarity and structure

A fixed daily schedule

We use a fixed daily schedule. This gives the children clarity, structure and support. As a result, your toddler will quickly feel at home.

Upon entering, your toddler is free to choose what he or she wants to play with. There is a good alternation between sitting and listening on the one hand and being active on the other. Our pedagogical staff provide a daily schedule in which different activities alternate and in which your toddler has plenty of opportunity to play.

All our Pre-school locations work with two qualified pedagogical staff members per group. The group size, according to the Okay Act, is set at a maximum of 16 toddlers per half-day session. Our locations meet all current quality requirements and are listed in the register of the municipality of Katwijk.

Playing and developing

Pre-school is a place to play. After all, young children develop and learn through play. We offer them an inviting, versatile and safe environment to encourage them in this. In interaction with other children and pedagogical staff, children increase their vocabulary, develop their motor abilities and grow in socially adept behavior. Each child in their own way and at their own pace.

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Pre-school education

The goal of our pre-school is to allow your child to develop optimally. Our pedagogical staff addresses all areas of development in their range of activities. In addition, they support the children and their parent(s), especially if development is not going as expected.

We work with the program 'Peuterpraat'. This program for Pre-school education (VE) stems from the government policy aimed at disadvantages in education. According to this program, we always work thematically. New activities are constantly offered, both in the group and individually, which are challenging for all toddlers at their own developmental level. In addition, the children learn from each other. We use this program for all toddlers, not just those with "impending" developmental delays. It contributes to the overall development and basic skills of all toddlers. Children who have a VE indication receive additional support with us.

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