Gross hourly rates

Below are our (gross) hourly rates for 2024. You will receive childcare allowance over these rates. To calculate your net costs, please use our calculation module.

Rates 2024:
- Child care: €10.10
- Pre-school: €10.75
- After School Care 52 weeks: € 9.05
- After School Care 40 weeks: € 10.05
- After School Care 12 weeks: € 10.95
- Flexible care: € 11,70
- Pre-school care: € 11.40

Even if you only purchase care during the school weeks, we bill in 12 equal monthly installments. We add up the hours of 40 school weeks and divide the hours over 12 equal monthly installments. As a result, you will receive the same invoice amount each month.

Calculation tool

Calculate what childcare will cost you net per month

On the website of the Tax Office you can see if you are eligible for childcare allowance. In most cases, you are entitled to this if you and your benefits partner are working, on a pathway to work, training or an integration course.

Are you eligible for childcare allowance? Then you can easily calculate what the care will cost you net with our calculation module. Make a test calculation right away!


Not entitled to child care subsidy?

Applying for a subsidy from the municipality of Katwijk

Are you not eligible for childcare subsidy, for example because not both parents work/study or if you are a single parent with no income? Then you may receive a subsidy from the Municipality of Katwijk for Pre-school . The amount of this subsidy is comparable to the childcare allowance. You can apply for the subsidy with us.

What do you need to do for this?

  1. Download your most recent income statement (IB60 form)
  • Go to the IRS website: click here;
  • log in to "My Tax Office" with your DigiD;
  • click on the heading "Income tax.
  • go to the most recent tax year for which your income is known and select your most recent income;
  • Click on "Print/save an income statement.
  1. Complete the form 'Declaration of no entitlement to childcare allowance'.
  • You can download this form: click here. Please fill out the form completely and sign it.
  1. Send both completed forms to us. You can do this in three ways:
  • By mail to;
  • by mail to Childcare Katwijk, attn the customer service department, de Krom 101, 2221 KK Katwijk;
  • or you can drop the forms by our customer service department or your Pre-school location.
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