Loving care

and challenging activities

We provide loving care for toddlers and provide a challenging range of activities appropriate to the age of the children. We work with the Pre-school education (VE) program Peuterpraat, which includes attention to speech-language development and activities are offered in different themes.

Fixed or flexible days

In all our childcare centers, we offer daycare between 7:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. 5 days a week. You can use fixed-day care here. We work with both horizontal and vertical groups. The offer differs per location. Do you have alternating shifts and need weekly alternating days care? At Children's Center De Bomschuit in Katwijk we offer Flexible care, so you can adjust your care days to your work schedule.

Hot meals

At all children's centers we offer you the opportunity to purchase a hot meal for your child. For this we work together with the organization Eetkomeet. The fresh meals they provide are made in accordance with the healthy eating guidelines of the Voedingscentrum.

Children with additional care needs

Children who need extra care are welcome with us. You can indicate this when you register. After registration, there will be a placement meeting between you and the manager of the childcare center to agree whether we can and may meet your child's care needs.

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