Getting to know each other

The intake interview

When the placement is final, the educational staff will contact you for an intake interview at the location for further introductions. Efforts will be made to have this intake interview take place no later than 2 weeks prior to the start date of the contract. You will receive an intake folder containing an intake form. During the intake interview we will discuss with you the items on the form, such as your child's diet, daily rhythm, sleeping habits, health and any allergies. What makes your child happy and how would he or she prefer to be comforted? You will have every opportunity to talk about your child's preferences and any particularities and to ask questions. We use the information to get to know your child and to match the care as closely as possible to your home situation. In addition, a number of practical matters are discussed with you, such as bringing and picking up your child and making an appointment to come and get used to the childcare.

The first time

Getting accustomed

Tryout takes place within the contract and is scheduled on the first day(s) of your contract.

Within Childcare Katwijk , we believe that fostering consists of 3 main pillars, namely:

  • Getting used to own permanent teaching staff & mentor
  • Getting used to your own group space
  • Getting used to your own regular group of children

During the settling in period, the group leader will give your child as much positive attention as necessary and try to get him/her to participate in the daily routine and group activities. This may include cuddling, playing a game alone or with other children, reading a book together on your lap or giving your child some space.


Getting accustomed to child care

Habituation is always done in consultation. We look at the needs of your child. Is one visit enough? Or is it better to acclimatize two or three times?

For settling in, you make an appointment with the pedagogical staff of the group. You agree among yourselves when your child will be present on the settling-in day(s): for example, the first time for 3 hours, then for 5 hours and after that for the whole day. It is wise to arrive a little later the first time, so that your child can enter the group at a quiet time. Because acclimatization falls within the contract, you will not have full-day care for your child on the acclimatization day(s). Please keep this in mind.

Getting used to the Pre-school

Experience has shown that getting accustomed to the Pre-school usually goes a bit faster. On the first day, you can come in together with your toddler and get to know the group and our pedagogical staff. We will have a short introductory talk with you and exchange information. Your toddler then stays in the group and you pick him or her up again at the end of the day. A second introduction is usually not necessary.

Getting accustomed to After school care

Children between the ages of 3 and 4, who are already at our childcare center, are often already familiar at After school care because they regularly do activities together. As a result, settling in usually goes a lot faster. This is different for new children; for them the guidelines as described above apply.

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